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The PrestoCentre Resources Archive offer a collection of text-based and mostly downloadable documents like white papers, technical reports, digests, references to information websites, instructional material and procedure guides.
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Year Type Author
Guidelines for AV content providers to make their content available to Europeana Technical Report Georgia Angelaki
AV Insider 1: Play, Pause and Press Forward 2012 Periodical PrestoCentre
AV Insider 2: Preservation in Times of Precarity 2012 Periodical PrestoCentre
Preservation Workflows at the Library of Congress 2012 Webinar James Snyder
The Future Role of Broadcasting in a World of Changing Electronic Communication 2013 Status Report Beutler R.
Automated Industrial Digitization of Betacam Tapes - with MXF generation and validation 2011 Technical Report Borgotallo R., Boch L., Messina A.
Preservation Metadata 2013 Technical Report Brian Lavoie, Richard Gartner
The Open Archival Information System Reference Model: Introductory Guide 2004 Technical Report Brian F. Lavoie
The NINCH Guide to Good Practice in the Digital Representation and Management of Cultural Heritage Materials 2002 Guideline -
Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS) 2012 Technical Report -
Video Identification and Assessment Guide 2004 Guideline Mona Jimenez, Liss Platt
Open Educational Resources Information Website -
EAI Online Resource Guide for Exhibiting, Collecting & Preserving Media Art 2006 Information Website -
Documentation and Conservation of the Media Arts Heritage (DOCAM) Information Website -
Independent Media Arts Preservation (IMAP) Information Website -
The Reluctant Revolution – Breaking Down Barriers to Digital Production in TV’ Case Study Mediasmiths International
The Bloodless Revolution: A Guide to Smoother Digital Workflows in Television. 2012 Guideline Mediasmiths International
Structuring and Indexing Digital Archives of Radio Broadcasters. 2005 Case Study Larson M., Beckers T., Schlögell V., Welle, D.
The Challenges of Digitization for Broadcasters in Eastern Europe 2012 Status Report Philip Laven
Media Management and Digital Archiving for a Modern Production Workflow 2002 Technical Report Massenzio M., Ciferri F.