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The PrestoCentre Resources Archive offer a collection of text-based and mostly downloadable documents like white papers, technical reports, digests, references to information websites, instructional material and procedure guides.
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Resource Difficulty Year Type Author
BIBFRAME AV Assessment: Technical, Structural, and Preservation Metadata 2016 Status Report Bertram Lyons, Kara van Malssen
Digital Preservation Sound and Vision: Policy, Standards and Procedures 2016 Guideline Annemieke de Jong
The Role of Standards for the Preservation of Audiovisual Material
2014 Webinar Walter Allasia, Werner Bailer
Expressing Preservation Requirements on Audiovisual Collections
2014 Webinar Carlo Meghini
Creation of Master Archive Package (MAP)
2014 Webinar Thomas Christensen, Lars Karlsson
The importance of Standards and latest developments in the AV sector 2014 Slides or AV material Walter Allasia, Werner Bailer
The Creative Revolution
2013 Technical Report Mark Harrison
Digest: Guidelines for AV content providers to make their content available to Europeana
2011 Digest PrestoCentre
Archipelproject: Technical Innovation (Preserving our History in a Sustainable Digital Way series) 2011 Slides or AV material Archipel
Instruction Document on Multimedia Formats-optimal accessibility of audio, video and images 2010 Instructional Material or Procedure Bart Knubben, Erwin Folmers, Nanne Wams
Format considerations in audiovisual preservation reformatting 2010 Periodical Carl Fleischhauer
Guidelines on the Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects (web edition) 2009 Information Website IASA Technical Committee- Kevin Bradley
What? So What?: The next generation JHOVE2 architecture for format-aware characterization 2009 Technical Report Sheila Morrissey, Stephen Abrams, Tom Cramer, Stephen Abrams, Sheila Morrissey
PREMIS implementations at the British Library & PREMIS and the Planets project 2009 Slides or AV material Angela Dappert
PREMIS - Preservation Metadata 2008 Information Website -
PBCore, METS, Premis, Mods, METSrights... oh my! 2008 Slides or AV material Kara van Malssen
PREMIS in thought: Data center for LC digital holdings 2008 Slides or AV material Ardys Kozbial, Arwen Hutt, David Minor
Metadata guidelines for describing born digital programs 2007 Instructional Material or Procedure Kara van Malssen, Leah Weisse, Mary Ide
A Description Infrastructure for Audiovisual Media Processing Systems Based on MPEG-7 2006 Technical Report Georg Thallinger, Peter Schallauer, Werner Bailer
Understanding Compression Standards 2004 Information Website Luis Carrasqueiro