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The PrestoCentre Resources Archive offer a collection of text-based and mostly downloadable documents like white papers, technical reports, digests, references to information websites, instructional material and procedure guides.
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Resource Difficulty Year Type Author
Handreiking voor het digitaliseren van videobanden en filmtape bij kleine musea in Nederland
2018 Guideline Jasper van den Berg
Digital Preservation: Online Resources
2015 Information Website -
Together Where Possible, Individually Where Necessary - Constructing a Network of Nationwide Facilities Together 2015 Status Report Netherlands Coalition for Digital Preservation (NCDD), Marcel Ras, Marco de Niet, Joost van der Nat
Creation of Master Archive Package (MAP)
2014 Webinar Thomas Christensen, Lars Karlsson
Film Collections and Filmmakers Community of Practice
2013 Slides or AV material Thomas Christensen
AV Insider 4: Film, Files, Formats, and the Future 2013 Technical Report PrestoCentre
Audiovisual Citation Guidelines
2013 Guideline Richard Hewett, Sian Barber
Film Archive Forum 2011 Information Website -
Film Scanning Considerations
2011 White Paper Harm Jan Triemstra, Tom de Smet
Film Preservation in the Digital Age 2011 Information Website Arthur Wehrhahn
Digest: Film Scanning considerations
2011 Digest PrestoCentre
Building Workflows for Digitsation and Digital Preservation - A Case Study: Images for the Future 2011 Slides or AV material Paul Collard
National Film Preservation Board 2008 Information Website -
MTS Pilot tracking algorithm for "wow"distortion 2007 Technical Report P. Pastuszak
Blotch detection for digital archives restoration based on the fusion of spatial and temporal detectors 2006 Technical Report Sorin Tilie
Efficient detection of temporally impulsive dirt impairments in archived film 2006 Technical Report Jinchang Ren, Theodore Vlachos
Dirt detection for archive film restoration using an adaptive spatio-temporal approach 2005 Technical Report Jinchang Ren, Theodore Vlachos
EBU technical report- Preservation and reuse of film material for television 2001 Technical Report EBU
Digitisation of Small Gauge Film to HD
Information Website David Pfluger
Moving Image Archive News Information Website Peter Monaghan, Rachel Price