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The PrestoCentre Resources Archive offer a collection of text-based and mostly downloadable documents like white papers, technical reports, digests, references to information websites, instructional material and procedure guides.
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Resource Difficulty Year Type Author
IASA-TC 06 Guidelines for the Preservation of Video Recordings
2018 Guideline IASA Technical Committee
Preservation Case Studies for Archives
2015 Case Study Jim Lindner, Mick Newnham
Spotlight on the Digital: How to make your assets discoverable over time 2014 Slides or AV material Karen Colbron
Audio Analog-to-Digital Converter Performance Specification and Test Method 2012 Guideline Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative
The Economics of Long-Term Digital Storage 2012 Other Resources David Rosenthal, Daniel Rosenthal, Ethan Miller, Ian Adams, Mark Storer, Erez Zadok
British Library - Digital Preservation 2011 Information Website -
Unesco Audiovisual Archives Programme 2011 Information Website -
DSHR's blog 2011 Information Website David Rosenthal
Film Preservation in the Digital Age 2011 Information Website Arthur Wehrhahn
Timeline: Digital Technology and Preservation 2011 Information Website Cornell University and IPCSR
Digital Preservation Policies: Guidance for Archives 2011 Instructional Material or Procedure The National Archives, United Kingdom
New Strategies and Challenges in Audiovisual Archiving 2011 Slides or AV material Javier Hernandez Ros
Archipelproject: Introduction (Preserving our History in a Sustainable Digital Way series) 2011 Slides or AV material Archipel
Audiovisual Digital Preservation Status Report 3 - 2011 2011 Status Report Richard Wright
Digital Audio Interstitial Errors 2010 Technical Report Chris Lacinak
Preserving Digital Public Television Final Report 2010 Other Resources Nan Rubin
Preservation process modelling 2010 Technical Report Martin Hall-May, Matthew Addis, Nena Schädler
Audiovisual Digital Preservation Status Report 2 - 2010 2010 Status Report Richard Wright
Accessing and managing file-based born digital video 2009 Instructional Material or Procedure Chris Lacinak
Preservation of digital audiovisual content 2009 Instructional Material or Procedure Richard Wright, Richard Wright