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The PrestoCentre Resources Archive offer a collection of text-based and mostly downloadable documents like white papers, technical reports, digests, references to information websites, instructional material and procedure guides.
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Resource Difficulty Year Type Author
The Challenges of Digitization for Broadcasters in Eastern Europe 2012 Status Report Philip Laven
NDIIP and PDPTV Repository design with attached metadata plan 2010 Technical Report Joseph Pawletko, Kara van Malssen, Nan Rubin
Preserving Digital Public Television Final Report 2010 Other Resources Nan Rubin
Strategies for sustainable preservation of born-digital public television 2010 Other Resources Kara van Malssen, Nan Rubin, Yvonne Ng
PBCore, METS, Premis, Mods, METSrights... oh my! 2008 Slides or AV material Kara van Malssen
Metadata guidelines for describing born digital programs 2007 Instructional Material or Procedure Kara van Malssen, Leah Weisse, Mary Ide
PDPTV: Recommended appraisal guidelines for selecting born-digital master programs for preservation and deposit with the Library of Congress 2006 Instructional Material or Procedure Leah Weisse, Mary Ide
Content augmentation for mixed-mode news broadcasts 2005 White Paper Borislav Popov, Hamish Cunningham, Mike Dowman, Valentin Tablan
Ritroverai- A web application for semantic indexing and hyperlinking of multimedia news 2005 Technical Report Emanuale Donati, Marco Cammisa, Roberto Basili
Web assisted annotation, semantic indexing and search of television and radio news 2005 Technical Report Borislav Popov, Hamish Cunningham, Mike Dowman, Valentin Tablan
Archiving Interactive Digital Television 2004 White Paper A. Pearce, C. Gibson, C. Smith, D. Chisholm, J. Hunter
Metadata in the audiovisual production environment 2003 White Paper Annemieke de Jong
Media Management and Digital Archiving for a Modern Production Workflow 2002 Technical Report Massenzio M., Ciferri F.
EBU technical report- Preservation and reuse of film material for television 2001 Technical Report EBU
BBC Internet Blog Information Website Nick Reynolds