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The PrestoCentre Resources Archive offer a collection of text-based and mostly downloadable documents like white papers, technical reports, digests, references to information websites, instructional material and procedure guides.
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Resource Difficulty Year Type Author
Handreiking voor het digitaliseren van videobanden en filmtape bij kleine musea in Nederland
2018 Guideline Jasper van den Berg
Digitization Best Practices for Moving Images 2013 Best Practice CARLI Digital Collections Users Group Standards Subcommittee
Digitization Best Practices for Audio 2013 Best Practice CARLI Digital Collections Users Group Standards Subcommittee
Some Considerations when Setting up a Digitization Workflow 2012 Recommendation Anne Gant, Giovanna Fossati, FIAF Technical Commission
Digitization for Film Archives -- Assorted Complications 2012 Article FIAF Technical Commission
Preserving Moving Pictures and Sound 2012 Report Richard Wright
Meeting the Problem of Media Preservation: Strategies and Solutions 2011 Report Indiana University Bloomington Media Preservation Initiative Task Force
NARA Digitization Services Products and Services 2011 Website NARA Digitization Services Branch
Handboek digitaliseren van analoge audiovisuele objecten (beeld en geluid) 2011 Handbook Filip Boudrez, Willem Vanneste, Rony Vissers
D7.1.4 Audiovisual Digital Preservation Status Report 2 2011 Report Richard Wright
D7.1.5 Audiovisual Digital Preservation Status Report 3 2011 Report Richard Wright
D6.3.1 Financial Models and Calculation Mechanisms 2011 Report Marius Snyders, Hans Westerhof, Jeff Ubois
Digitaliseren van analoge archiefdocumenten 2010 Directive F. Boudrez
Video Preservation Website 2010 Website Timothy Vitale, Paul Messier
Bewaring en Ontsluiting van Multimediale data in Vlaanderen : Perspectieven op Audiovisueel erfgoed in het Digitale tijdperk 2010 Handbook Stoffel Debuysere, Dries Moreels, Rik Van de Walle, Inge Van Nieuwerburgh, Jeroen Walterus
Folkstreams Guide to Best Practices in Film Digitization 2010 Best Practice Folkstreams
The Center for Home Movies 2010 Digitization & Access Summit Final Report 2010 Report Center for Home Movies
The Cost of Digitising Europe’s Cultural Heritage 2010 Report Nick Poole
Inspiring Research, Inspiring Scholarship 2010 Recommendation JISC
D7.1.3 Audiovisual Digital Preservation Status Report 2010 Report Richard Wright