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The PrestoCentre Resources Archive offer a collection of text-based and mostly downloadable documents like white papers, technical reports, digests, references to information websites, instructional material and procedure guides.
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Resource Difficulty Year Type Author
Handreiking voor het digitaliseren van videobanden en filmtape bij kleine musea in Nederland
2018 Guideline Jasper van den Berg
IASA-TC 06 Guidelines for the Preservation of Video Recordings
2018 Guideline IASA Technical Committee
EYE Collectiebeleidsplan 2018-2021
2018 Guideline EYE Filmmuseum
Digital Preservation Sound and Vision: Policy, Standards and Procedures 2016 Guideline Annemieke de Jong
Preservation Guide
2016 Guideline Richard Wright, PrestoSpace
A Guide to Risk Management of Cultural Heritage
2016 Guideline José Luiz Pedersoli Jr., Catherine Antomarchi, Stefan Michalski
Feet On The Ground: A Practical Approach To The Cloud
2014 Guideline Seth Anderson
Guidelines for the creation of an institutional policy on digital preservation 2014 Guideline Nestor
Digitising Video for Long-Term Preservation: An RFP Guide and Template
2013 Guideline Paula De Stefano, Kimberly Tarr, Melitte Buchman, Peter Oleksik, Alice Moscoso
Perspective on personal digital archiving 2013 Guideline Library of Congress
I want to preserve audiovisual content. How do I get started?
2013 Guideline Richard Wright
Audiovisual Citation Guidelines
2013 Guideline Richard Hewett, Sian Barber
The Bloodless Revolution: A Guide to Smoother Digital Workflows in Television. 2012 Guideline Mediasmiths International
A Digital Agenda for Film Archives
2012 Guideline Thomas Christensen, Mikko Kuutti
Audio Analog-to-Digital Converter Performance Specification and Test Method 2012 Guideline Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative
Nothing Lasts Forever v.2 2009 Guideline Stefan Rohde-Enslin, Keith Allen
Tape Degradation Factors and Challenges in Predicting Tape Life 2008 Guideline Richard L. Hess
Format Characteristics and Preservation Problems
2007 Guideline Mike Casey
Measurement and Evaluation of Analog-to-Digital Converters Used in the LongTerm Preservation of Audio Recordings 2006 Guideline Ken C. Pohlmann
Video Identification and Assessment Guide 2004 Guideline Mona Jimenez, Liss Platt