Tutorial: Collection Strategy and Preservation Plans

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Richard Wright
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Collection management, Strategy, Preservation Plans, Collections

Preservation is a strategic issue that should fit into the overall, long term strategy for your collection. Where are you going, and can preservation work actually assist you – rather than being seen as just another burden on the budget?  This tutorial guides you through the basic steps to fit your preservation plan into the more general strategy for you collection.
Audiovisual material has always had access problems – technical, legal and procedural. The move into digital technology can remove many of the technical barriers to access, but the others are then more exposed – and may prove equally limiting. The most embarrassing consequence would be for access to be physically possible, only to find that the standard practices or even simply the habits of the collection managers are the real barrier.
So the basic questions are: are you ready for much wider access? Are there legal problems? Will staff work practices have to change?