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The Tools Register incorporated information on tools for content and metadata used across all communities involved in audiovisual digital preservation.

Please note that this page is not updated.

Tool Type Function
Metadata Mapping Service Web Service Metadata mapping and validation
MPEG Streamclip Downloadable software Automatic information extraction
MServe Web Service Preservation platforms/systems
Multivalent Fab4 Browser Toolkit Metadata mapping and validation
MXF Technical Media Extractor (MXFTechMDExtractor) Java tool, Library Automatic information extraction
P4 Toolkit Preservation platforms/systems
Plato Downloadable software Preservation platforms/systems
RightsDraw Web Application, Web Service Rights management technologies and formats
Ting Web Service Preservation platforms/systems
VAMP - Semantic Validation Service for MPEG-7 Profile Descriptions Client Application, Web Service Metadata mapping and validation
Waisda Web Application Manual content annotation