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2009 to 2012
Access, Aggregation, Broadcasting
With the support of FIAT/IFTA, the European Broadcasting Union and the EDL Foundation, the EUscreen Best Practice Network aims at achieving a highly interoperable digitised collection of television material. EUscreen builds a network of content providers, standardisation bodies, television research partners and specific user groups by providing multilingual and multicultural access to television heritage. EUscreen develops long-term solutions to rights issues and supports user-led demand and interest for services and content, including the development of use case scenarios for different contexts (research, learning, leisure and creative reuse). The project also provides contextual information for the available resources.

EUscreen is a three-year project and started in October 2009. The consortium is comprised of 28 partners from 19 EU member states (plus Switzerland) and 8 associate partners. EUscreen is the follow-up project of Video Active, an online platform with 10,000 items about the history of European television.