Digital Production Partnership (DPP)

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2009 to 2012
Digital media, Metadata, Standards, Workflow, Digital, Video, Broadcasting

The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) is an initiative formed by the UK's public service broadcasters to help producers and broadcasters maximise the potential benefits of digital production. It came to life following a 'Delivering Digital' workshop hosted by ITV and the BBC in November 2009.

At this workshop, colleagues from across the industry identified key areas where they felt broadcasters could undertake specific work that would make a real difference in the transition to digital production.

These areas form the basis for the partnership lead working groups, which draw on industry experts from the worlds of technology and production.

The Partnership is run by the DPP Broadcasters Group, which meets every 4-6 weeks.
The members of the group are: Helen Stevens (Director of Strategic Projects & Business Delivery, ITV), Mark Harrison (Controller of Production, BBC North),
Kevin Burrows (CTO Broadcast and Distribution, Channel 4.)

The Broadcasters Group produces documents about standards for example, and other such outputs, havomg oversight of the project's 4 Working Groups:
Technical Standards,
Metadata Standards,
Digital Production in TV, 
Best Practice Workflows