Building Resources for Integrated Cultural Knowledge Services (BRICKS)

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2004 to 2007
Access, Aggregation, Research, Software

The BRICKS Project – Building Resources for Integrated Cultural Knowledge Services – researches and implements advanced open source software solutions for the sharing and the exploitation of digital cultural resources.

BRICKS aims at integrating the existing digital resources into a common and shared Digital Library, a comprehensive term covering “Digital Museums“, “Digital Archives“ and other kinds of the digital memory systems. The results of the Project will constitute the main assets of a Factory, which has been subsidised by the Consortium partners and the EU for the duration of the Project, but will sustain itself in the future.

The BRICKS Community is a worldwide federation of cultural heritage institutions, research organisations, technological providers, and other players in the field of digital libraries services. The Community orientates and validates the project results, and co-operates towards the creation of the BRICKS Cultural Heritage Network that will provide access to and foster the European digital memory.