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The Conference-Symposium seeks to address a myriad of issues related to archives’ evolving relationships with their stakeholders, users and the community during the two-day Symposium on 22 and 23 April 2015.

What innovative approaches are there to establish links between archives and their stakeholders in order to develop greater, more meaningful user and audience engagement? Why do we need to do more archival advocacy and how can the capability for advocacy be strengthened? Are outreach and community engagement activities afterthoughts in archives, to be undertaken only when all the rest of the work has been done? How can these activities be integrated into the core archival functions? Should there be a reevaluation, re-thinking, re-engineering and a shifting of emphasis in the conventional practices of archives?

This year’s conference will differ slightly from the Personal Digital Archiving (PDA) Conferences of previous years. The conference will have two full days of presentations focused on a set of themes and we will set aside a third day for workshops covering useful digital tools.

Our personal and professional records are now primarily digital, and our lives are geared toward constant sharing of these works, from street protests to baby photos. The complexity of these growing collections in every sphere of our lives cannot be overstated. The Personal Digital Archiving 2015 Conference welcomes a broad community, working to ensure long-term access to these personal collections and archives. We would like to see presentations that show how an individual would approach a personal collection and how a closely tied group (such as a family or a community organization) would approach their shared collection.

The array of physical and digital formats that comprise any collection is ever expanding and shifting. Approaches to managing these collections differ greatly between the broad spectrum of archival best practices and “better than leaving it in the basement” practices.

The AMIA annual conference provides an opportunity for colleagues and those interested in the field to meet, share information and work together. For newcomers to this vibrant, dynamic and committed community, networking with other AMIA members and industry professionals is invaluable for professional development. AMIA conference registration includes participation in all regular sessions and screenings and some special events

Past Events

Presto4U Workshop - December 2013

Presentation of the Personal Audiovisual Collections Community of Practice by Daniel Teruggi at the Presto4U Workshop ‘Digital Audiovisual Preservation in Communities of Practice: Learn, Collaborate and Share’. Including current problems and issues with an analysis of weak and strong needs regarding preservation and access; how interaction and collaboration can develop innovative solutions

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Webinar - June 4 2014
How to help content owners to bring their collections to institutions?

Heritage institutions are increasingly interested in receiving contributions from users and content collectors. On the other hand, content holders are willing to give or to make accessible contents they have produced or inherited to institutions which can assure a long-term access and preservation of their values. This is why many initiatives have started in the last years to bring both actors together in a mutual trusted relation. What are the implications and actions of such contributions? How should institutions and users think this collaboration?





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This multi-authored work offers one of the first and most robust explorations of the emerging field of personal digital archiving. Editor Donald T. Hawkins and his expert contributors cover a range of innovative projects and practical topics: archiving individual and family histories; new and nascent services and software products; social media and email applications,; legal issues including digital inheritance and privacy; evolving formats and media considerations; academic research projects; Library of Congress initiatives; the pioneering role of the Internet Archive; research at Microsoft; and case studies of digital archiving in practice.

The books contributors are passionate about personal archiving, their enthusiasm matched only by their expertise in this must-read text for genealogists, historians, archivists, librarians, collectors, creators, and anyone with a mass of digital information they want to organize and preserve.

​This publication contains a series of blog posts on the subject of personal digital archiving. Specifically, the topics include guidance for such things as choosing file formats and adding descriptions to digital photos; first hand accounts of working with and preserving personal collections; descriptions of outreach activities and interviews with library professionals on the subject of personal digital archiving, and many others.

The Presto4U project receives funding from the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The project will run from 1 January 2013 till 31 December 2014.