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The conference will contain 2 days of insightful talks, site-visits, workshops and discussions giving delegates the chance to to discuss, debate and learn about the indepth revolution that is the transitional period between Film and Digital.

Where buyers and sellers of footage meet, talk, and build ongoing business relationships. 


Past Events

Presto4U Presentation - September 2014

“The Presto4U project: Supporting the Adoption of AV Preservation Research Results”, a presentation by Marco Rendina at the BAAC Annual Conference, September 18 at Riga.     

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Webinar - May 27, 2014

Creation of Master Archive Package (MAP)

This webinar recording describes the process of creating a MAP (Master Archive package) JPEG2000 archival element in the Fraunhofer JPEG2000 software suite and discusses the benefits and drawback of this process and the use of MAPs as a standard for the preservation of digital film. While DCP (Digital Cinema Package) is a universally adopted format for digital film distribution, many film archives preserve master elements as digital source masters in DPX or TIFF, while MAP is less widely adopted, despite being an actual well described standard.

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Webinar - May 13, 2014
Cloud Storage and Digital Preservation

How can cloud storage help address growing digital preservation challenges? The webinar is an opportunity to learn more about this new guidance, and to put your questions to its authors: Neil Beagrie, Andre Charlesworth and Paul Miller, and Emma Markiewicz from Archives Sector Development at The National Archives.

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Webinar - March 25, 2014

Exchange of Video Assets - Best Practices and Standards in Different Organisations

This recorded webinar poses several questions and answers on the importance of best practices and standards in the exchange of video assets across a diverse range of organisations within the media industry. How are assets and media files exposed, exchanged, compressed, adopted? How is metadata used in order to ensure information flow and reuse of data? How are media files captured and adopted? The objective of this video is to promote best practices through the eyes of business minded experts, i.e. to demonstrate how production and post-production professionals with preserved collections are making more positive benefits by using specific tools and workflows.

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Webinar - February 25, 2014
The Role of Standards for the Preservation of Audiovisual Material

This webinar is an introduction to standards in the context of audiovisual preservation. It will start with basics on what standards are, how they are created and which purposes they serve. The webinar will discuss the potential benefits of using standards in audiovisual preservation as well as the additional efforts that may be needed. Moreover it will spot some potential barriers to the adoption of standards and new technologies. There will be a brief overview on the wide range of standards that can be useful in the context of audiovisual preservation. Some more details will be given on recent work in MPEG on the Multimedia Preservation Application Format (MPAF).

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Presto4U Workshop - December 2013

Presentation of the Footage Sales Libraries Community of Practice by Marco Rendina at the Presto4U Workshop ‘Digital Audiovisual Preservation in Communities of Practice: Learn, Collaborate and Share’. Including current problems and issues with an analysis of weak and strong needs regarding preservation and access; how interaction and collaboration can develop innovative solutions.

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The Presto4U project receives funding from the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The project will run from 1 January 2013 till 31 December 2014.