Preservation: Scenarios, Risks, Costs

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Richard Wright
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Collection management, Digitisation, Migration, Workflow, Analogue, Conservation, Preservation Plans

This is the presentation given by Richard Wright (BBC R&D) as part of the masterclass Creating Preservation Scenarios, Understanding Risks and Estimating Costs held at Screening the Future 2011. This session recapitulated the lessons of Presto, PrestoSpace, and PrestoPrime, giving attendees an understanding of the tools and resources to become available through PrestoCentre.

In this presentation, Wright outlines  three main aspects of digital collections: making analogue content into digital content, working with digital content, and preserving the digital content. Through highlighting these three aspects Wright illustrates the different components and considerations that are crucial to each, also describing how PrestoSpace, PrestoPrime and PrestoCentre research and tools can contribute to the management and decision-making within each.

See the video registration of Richard Wright's presentation, here.