Preservation Case Studies for Archives

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Case Study
Jim Lindner, Mick Newnham
Archives, Access, Ethics, Reuse, Digital, Objects, Collection management, Disaster Plan

Preservation Case Studies for Archives is an innovative educational experience that places the student in the role of the decision maker. 

Through a dynamic process of idea exchange, students first learn about the situation, then identify and analyse the problems to determine the causes, and finally develop alternative strategies for a solution. Preservation Case Studies for Archives provides the context for teaching the real world issues confronting archives staff and managers in a dynamic and exciting way. 
The cases can be used in multiple ways for different subjects and purposes. The activities and questions provided at the end of each case stimulate critical thinking and discussion about archive management.

About the Authors

Jim Lindner and Mick Newnham have worked as lecturers and instructors teaching archive management for over two decades. From half-day seminars to in depth instruction taking weeks, they had the opportunity to teach students from many different levels and countries, and learn from them as well. 
They quickly found that there was no good training material available that seriously engages students in the learning process. The authors decided to write their own material based on the Case Study method. And with success. Lindner and Newnham clearly know their subject. With Preservation Case Studies they have delivered a well researched, thoroughly tested and clearly presented work. 

This publication is available under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. You can find more information about this license here.