A New and Effective Way to Teach Archive Management and Preservation

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Jim Lindner, Mick Newnham
Audiovisual, Collections, Training, Presto4U

The recorded webinar "A new and effective way to teach Archive Management and Preservation" is an online training that explains how to use the Preservation Case Studies for Archives method to assist in the training of audiovisual archivists and other responsible for the care of audiovisual collections.

The Preservation Case Studies for Archives (published by PrestoCentre) are an innovative educational experience that places the student in the role of the decision maker, where one has to balance both resources and constraints. The Case Studies provide the context for teaching the real world issues confronting archives staff and managers in a dynamic and exciting way.

In the video Jim Lindner and Mick Newnham – authors of the series – discuss how they arrived at using the case study format in their teaching and where they have found the case study method to offer the greatest benefits. The authors discuss the multilayer approach that case studies offer whereby a set of circumstances or a particular problem may have more than one solution depending on the priority assigned by other aspects of the organisation and collection management. In the recording the authors also expand on using the case study approach to model solutions rather than arriving at simple untested answers.

The video is aimed at teachers of librarianship and archive studies at all levels as well as people involved with in-house training of staff working in galleries, libraries, archives and museums.

Presenters: Jim Lindner and Mick Newnham

Learning Objectives

The webinar will help unlock the benefit of using a case study method to teach a range of complex issues surrounding the practice and ethics of managing a collection in general and an audiovisual collection in particular.

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(duration: 01:02:33)