Digest: Audiovisual preservation strategies, data models and value-chains

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Business models, Migration, Strategy, Preservation Plans, Multivalent

This is a six page digest of the 100 page technical report "Audiovisual preservation strategies, data models and value-chains." The digest was created by PrestoCentre to aid our users in finding the information they need by providing short summaries of long, detailed technical reports.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ preservation strategy for audiovisual material. Different content owners, users and custodians have different requirements for the cost, safety, longevity and accessibility of audiovisual material. Given the variety of different approaches that can be taken, the issue becomes one of which option to choose for a given set of circumstances. Currently, this decision is often based on ad-hoc assessments, ‘gut feel’ and, sometimes conflicting, recommendations by various experts in the field.

The identification and selection of a preservation strategy for audiovisual content can become a rational and methodical process, by using quantitative cost models that take some of the guesswork and uncertainty out of what to do.

This digest helps to understand the aspects most relevant to creating an audiovisual preservation strategy.

This PrestoCentre Digest is based on the original Technical Report written by Matthew Addis and Richard Wright, available here.