AV Insider 4: Film, Files, Formats, and the Future

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Audiovisual, Preservation, Film, Files, Formats, Archives, Tools, Open Source, File formats, Digital Preservation, Archive Technology

AV Insider is a quarterly magazine for the audiovisual digital preservation community.

AV Insider issue 4 (December 2013) is themed "Film, Files, Formats, and the Future". This issue covers technical guidelines and examples of good practice for film digitisation from both Memoriav (Switzerland) and the Institute for Sound and Vision (Netherlands). They have both looked at many options and have shared their findings. Lene Halvor Petersen of the Danish Film Institute tells about the differences between film and broadcast archives. And there are deep dives into file format specifications for film heritage, open source digitisation, and best practices for dealing with compressed video.

Table of Contents:

  • Digitisation of Small Gauge Film to HD - David Pfluger, Memoriav
  • Preservation Oriented Codecs and Wrappers for Scanned Films - François Helt, Highlands Technologies Solutions
  • Open-Source Digitisation at the Austrian Mediathek - Silvester Stöger, Austrian Filmarchiv
  • Archives in the Picture: Danish Film Institute - Lene Halvor Petersen, Danish Film Institute.
  • Preservation Case Studies for Archives
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About: Video Compression - Richard Wright and Dave Rice
  • Tools & Resources for AV Preservation