AMIA 2015 Conference Presentations

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Speaker presentations are posted as they are received. The following presentations are available for downloading:

  • Advocacy:  Personal Advocacy – The Power of One
    Benedict Olgado, University of the Philippines Diliman, Ray Edmondson, Archive Associates Pty Ltd, Débora Butruce, Mnemosine Ltd, Chalida Uabumrungjit, Thai Film Archive
  • Competency-Based Frameworks for Moving Image Archiving Education
    Kelle Anzalone, Mission Hills High School, Karen Gracy, Kent State University, Dino Everett, Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive, Edward Benoit, Louisiana State University
  • Item vs. Collection Level Censuses in University Libraries
    Tre Berney, Cornell University, Josh Harris, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Danielle Mericle, Cornell University
  • The Environmental Impact of Digital Preservation
    Linda Tadic, Digital Bedrock
  • The Academy Color Encoding System: A Standard for Long-term Archiving of Digital Motion Picture Materials
    Andy Maltz, Science and Technology Council, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science
  • DAS Keynote:  John Downey, NextGen Storage
  • Law Enforcement & the Challenges of Digital Asset Management
    David J. Roberts, Senior Program Manager of the Technology Center at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)
  • EXTRA: Examining AV Enterprise at a Regional Academic Archive
    Molly Rose Steed, University of Utah, Jessica Breiman, University of Utah, Tawnya Keller, University of Utah
  • Community Archiving Workshop
    Moriah Ulinskas, Independent Archivist, Yvonne Ng, Witness, Taylor McBride, Smithsonian Institution, Sandra Yates, Texas Medical Center Library, Amy Sloper, Wisconsin Center for Film & Theater Research, Rachel E. Beattie, University of Toronto
  • Through Chaos Comes Clarity:  Building, Implementing & Promoting Taxonomy for Media Collections
    Kathryn Gronsbell, Carnegie Hall, Sarah Knight, NPR
  • Managing and Marketing Your Archive for Cinema Exhibition
    Barbara Twist, Art House Convergence, Barak Epstein, Texas Theatre
  • Party Like it’s 1999: Emulated Access to Complex Media Collections
    Julia Kim, Library of Congress, Alison Rhonemus, New York Public Library, Donald Mennerich, NYU, Morgan McKeehan, Rhizome Art Base, Dianne Dietrich, Cornell University
  • Seeding and Leeching: Collaborative Preservation using BitTorrent
    Justin Mckinney, Independent Consultant, Mark Simon Haydn, Collections Manager, Ashley Blewer, New York Public Library
  • Education Committee Open Session:  Entering the A/V Archiving Profession – Tips, Tricks and Advice
    Tressa Graves, Kelle Anzalone, Mission Hills High School, Bryce Roe, Simmons College, Kathryn Gronsbell, Carnegie Hall, Michele Winn, Ashley Blewer, New York Public Library
  • Validate Your Digital Assets:  PREFORMA, MediaConch and File Compliance
    David Rice, CUNY, Ashley Blewer, MediaArea SARL, Erwin Verbruggen, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
  • AO&U: Tools and Technologies for Enhancing Access to Audiovisual
    Jack Brighton, Illinois Public Media, Lai Tee Phang, National Archives of Singapore, Anne Wootton, Pop Up Archive, Mark Williams, The Media Ecology Project, Dartmouth College, Allison Schein, Studs Terkel Archive, Erwin Verbruggen, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
  • AO&U: Understanding What Users Need to Understand Us (and our data)
    Jean-Pierre Evain, EBU, Amy Ciesielski, University of South Carolina, Sadie Roosa, WGBH, Ed Benoit, Louisiana State University, Laura Treat and Julie Judkins, University of North Texas
  • AO&U: Navigating Copyright to Provide Access and Use
    Andy Sellars, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law, Casey Davis, WGBH, Janel Quirante, University of Hawaii – West Oahu, Nadia Ghasedi, Washington University
  • AO&U: Moving Beyond Access: Unlocking the Potential of Moving Image Archival Collections
    Johan Oomen, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Erica Titkemeyer, Southern Folklife Collection, UNC Chapel Hill, Lily Troia, Simmons College, John Campopiano, Frontline, Jennifer Steele, YOUmedia, Chicago Public Libraries
  • AO&U: Methodologies for Assessment and Evaluation of Access to Moving Image Collections
    Dave Rice, CUNY, Karen Cariani, WGBH, Deborah Steinmetz, Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive, Eric Saltz, NC A&T State University
  • AO&U: Apples and Oranges: Providing Meaningful Access to Mixed Media Collections
    Elizabeth Walters, Harvard University, Alan Gevinson, Library of Congress, Mary Miller, Peabody Awards Collection, University of Georgia, Stephanie Sapienza, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, University of Maryland
  • AO&U Pop-up: Virtual Engagement: Archival Participation in Social Media Platforms
    Ariel Schudson
  • Poster: Commercial Content & Alternative America: Exploring the David Stern Archive
    Ariel Schudson, Independent Archivist
  • Workflows for Born Digital Materials in a Museum Collection
    Eddy Colloton, Denver Art Museum (Conservation Intern), NYU MIAP
  • Metadata for the Digitization History of Time-based Media Art
    Peggy Griesinger, George Mason University Libraries
  • Collaborative Method for Overcoming the “Lack Of”: Case Study of Japan
    Ann Adachi-Tasch, Collaborative Cataloging Japan
  • Poster: Preserving KUHT: America’s First Public Television Station
    Emily Vinson, University of Houston Special Collections
  • Poster: The Silent Film Project at the Library of Congress
    Amy Jo Stanfill, Library of Congress
  • Preserving Malware in Archives, Libraries, and Museums
    Jonathan Farbowitz, New York University, MIAP
  • Poster: Assessing Archival Workflows and Micro-services at CUNY Television
    Dinah Handel, National Digital Stewardship Resident at CUNY Television