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Preservation Planning

Where to Start with Digitisation and Conservation

Big archives with miles of shelves, and small archives with collections of audiovisual formats that they may not even be able to play, have a main problem in common: where to start? In response to this query, this section of the library offers a comprehensive collection of resources including workflows and best practices providing information and guidance for initiating and following through with a preservation plan.

To get you started with your planning, PrestoCentre also provides a series of simple tutorials in the library. To start, see the tutorials on making a collection strategy and preservation plans, making a preservation strategy, or planning your preservation project, which also cover issues of limited funding and resources and setting out priorities. Furthermore, PrestoCentre also shows how making a map of the collection (cartography) followed by prioritisation of actions (triage) breaks the problem down into manageable stages.

Recent additions in Preservation Planning