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What the audiovisual community has to tell you...

AV Insider is a new magazine for the audiovisual digital preservation community, introducing you - first hand - to the faces doing the crucial work for AV digital preservation. Get to hear their opinions, perspectives, challenges, and how they understand their work and the work of their organisation and others in the context of this broader community. The magazine will also keep you up-to-date on the latest news from within the domain and offers articles related to policy issues and challenges, the educational landscape, funding and budgeting, long-term storage, and research and development, just to name a few. Each edition focuses on a theme, giving attention to developments and challenges within the domain. Readers will be offered a variety of voices, articles, and short bites that paint a picture of the people, organisations and issues that populate this diverse community of AV digitisation and digital preservation.

Publication Information

ISSN 2213-1752. AV Insider is published quarterly except for special issues. It is provided to PrestoCentre members only, by the PrestoCentre Foundation.
All rights reserved. Materials may not be reproduced or translated without written permission.


Send address changes to AV Insider Circulation, PrestoCentre Foundation, PO Box 1060, 1200 BB Hilversum, The Netherlands or use the contact form on this website.
Editorial information: avinsider@prestocentre.org. Advertising information: ads@prestocentre.org or check the sponsors page for all advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Reprints and back issues

To order article reprints or request permission, please write to the address above or use the contact form.
Back issues are available online for PrestoCentre members. Print copies can be requested by emailing us to the address above or using the contact form. Indicate clearly the issue number(s), amount and purpose.